Fiction by Seth Johnson from Warcraft: Lands of Conflict
(Blizzard Entertainment / Sword and Sorcery, 2004)
(An homage to the tables of contents in my favorite nineteenth- century and pulp adventure novels...and a bit of fun telling an expansive story in very few words and an unusual format. --SJ)



A Journey to the Southland in Search of
Azotha Ruins and Evidence of the Titans
Submitted by Journeyman Aron Kodosbreath

I cover my travels through well-known territory in my separate report “Update on Events in Zul’kunda and the Vile Reef” (File Index #3SV-42K47). Suffice it to say that the journey lasted for the better part of a month, and my expedition (including three mercenary swordsmen, a pair of freeborne archers, one Quel’dorei sorcerer, and six goblin camp adjuncts; see attached expense report form 5674) arrived in the area to be investigated, approximately four days’ travel east of Booty Bay, in early summer.

The following summations provide an overview of the portion of the expedition covered in each section of the following pages:

DAYS ONE - FIVE (pp. 08-63): Establishing a base camp; Making contact with nearby villages and gathering information.

DAYS SIX - EIGHT (pp. 64-148): My first journey into the hills in search of Azotha ruins; My discovery of the Savage Hills; A skirmish with Jungle Trolls.

DAYS NINE - ELEVEN (pp. 149-154): Planning a new course of action; Scouting the Troll encampment with Tohas Steelarm,

DAYS TWELVE - THIRTEEN (pp. 155-208): The midnight raid and the kidnapping of Quellan Maisara; News from the village

DAYS FOURTEEN - EIGHTEEN (pp. 209-289): War among the tribes; Tracking the Trolls; A dark ritual witnessed; The heroic sacrifice of two Goblin Brothers

DAY NINETEEN, PART ONE (pp. 290-325): Into the Temple; Confronting the Witch Doctor; Accepting the Challenge

DAY NINETEEN, PART TWO (pp. 326-364): Ancient prescriptions and preparations; A visit from two Ghosts; Visions of the Titans.

DAY NINETEEN, PART THREE (pp. 365-445): Return to the Temple; Ancient evidence; Warnings from Quellan; The duel

DAYS TWENTY – TWENTY-THREE (pp. 445-470): The aftermath; The Azotha revealed; An unexpected departure and a wedding; Sifting the debris

DAYS TWENTY-FOUR – TWENTY-SEVEN (pp. 470-515): Gathering the tribes; Marking the trail; Striking camp

CONCLUSIONS (p. 516-697)

APPENDIX A: Local Myths and Legends

APPENDIX B: Sketches of the Lost Mosaics

APPENDIX C: The Savage Hills Treaty