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Monday, June 16, 2008

I suspect that given today's news, I'm going to have more eyeballs on this site soon--so it's time to start updating again.

For those who miss the old-school Ober Dicta linkblogging, I suggest you check out my Google Reader Shared Items to the right--that's where I'm linkdumping these days.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the post I'm making to HeroClix fan site HCRealms tonight in this thread:

Thanks to everyone who had nice things to say in this thread, and also to those who owned up to not liking some or all of my work--I come to the Realms every day for honest, no-holds-barred feedback on our products and you never disappoint.

That said, let's run through the Good News-Bad News-Good News cycle (from my perspective, of course) :

The Good News: I'm not gone from WizKids or HeroClix.

I'm sitting at my desk right now, as a matter of fact. I've still got previews to write, and I'm trying to lock down a couple different set lists for late 2009 and rough up some products designs for mid-2010.

The Fantastic Four starter is coming out in a few weeks. Not long after that comes Secret Invasion, which still has some cool, cool secrets for you guys to find out about. Later this year, Arkham Asylum, with some of my favorite dials and character cards yet. (Not to mention some kick-ass sculpts by Brian and Ben.)

The Bad News: I'm not gone from WizKids or HeroClix....yet.

My time sitting here at this desk will be drawing to a close, probably sooner than August (I have to take my new fiancé back to meet my family in the Midwest 'round that time.) After I do leave, I won't be working for WizKids full-time any more.


The Good News: I'm not gone from WizKids or HeroClix....yet--and I might not be for a long time to come.

Even after I do leave, WizKids has been very clear that they want me to stay involved with HeroClix. I'm looking forward to doing so--I may have that new fiancé, but I'm loathe to leave old loves behind (don't worry--she understands.) Like I said, we're already (and still) talking products off into the far future. That includes some really exciting stuff, and I'm glad I might have a chance to work on it (particularly if it means I get to do dials for a few of the characters I can see listed in the window just to the right of this one, like ** *****and *********, not to mention ****** *****.)

It also means that I'll have the chance to pursue some exciting projects and opportunities that have been on the back burner for a long time--and a few new ones I've been hearing about recently. I'm sure I'll still be around the Realms, but you can always check in on me at www.inkslinger.org if you want to see what I'm up to. (And keeping you guys up to date will be a good motivation for me to start keeping that site up to date, something I've fallen behind on.)

Enough about you! What does this mean for me?

It means that no matter where I go, HeroClix isn't going anywhere unless you do. If you're looking for fresh voices in HeroClix design (beyond those echoes of your own feedback--we are always listening), you're in luck--after Arkham Asylum comes Hammer of Thor, where Kelly is bringing not only her long experience but some cool new ideas to the game. I was by her desk today to see some of what she's doing, and it's going to be a pretty awesome set. Following Arkham, even moreso than in the past, that’ll be the way HeroClix goes—my voice will be just one of many on the line, and that’ll be a good thing.

So while I appreciate the support, I'd hate to see HeroClix take any sort of sales hit for the wrong reasons, particularly when there’s so much good stuff to come, and every possibility of the game going on for years and years to come. Even when I'm not here at this desk--especially when I'm not here at this desk--I still want to see new figures coming out, and new dials previewed on the web. I can't wait until the day when a HeroClix product I don't know about gets announced and I get to be here on the Realms getting excited and speculating with the rest of you.

HeroClix is a great game. It was when I started working on it, and it will be long after I'm gone.

Let's keep playing it together.

Now, back to that list. And Friday's preview; you won't want to miss this one--I think it's the most expensive figure in Secret Invasion...

Oh, yeah--did I mention that I'm getting married? You can stop blogging, but life just keeps on happening.

More soon.

Married! Congratuations! I was actually coming to find out if you had anything to say about your Rune dialog being plagarized by the folks over at Majestic Studios.


Apparently you're in good company, too.
Congratulations!!!!!! I am overjoyed to hear it!!! No wonder I haven't heard anything from you in so long!

I'm sorry to hear about your job but thrilled about your engagement. Congratulations! And good luck with the opportunities you mention in your next post. I hope to see a very happy Seth at Gen Con.
I feel bad not having checked back more frequently - I had no idea about any layoffs?

But huge congratulations on your engagement/marriage!
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